My Favorite 3 Up and Coming Shoe Designers

It has been a while since I last posted, and for that I do apologize. Things have been a bit hectic in my world but I hope to be able to get back into this pet project of mine. I am still working as a freelancer in the shoe design space and wanted to talk about some of my favorite shoe designers who are up and coming. For a great visual representation of some of these shoe styles, you should check out this board on Pinterest of up and coming shoe designers which has some really great pictures of styles and trends that are on the horizon.

One of my favorites who you should keep an eye on is Melis Yildiz. Her latest collections feature some very interesting neon and coral blends that really lend to a great spring and summer feel. If you are looking to make a statement, check her out. Most of her styles are head turners to say the least!

For a completely different, bold and kind of out there look, you should check out the luxury shoe lineup from Giannico by Nicolo Beretta. The shapes, embellishment, curves and overall look are very unique and on a whole new level from what you are probably used to seeing form luxury designers. Definitely visit the website I linked to above and explore some of these amazing creations!

My next favorite (and this is more of a non traditional designer) is Jamie Okuma. While she isn’t very mainstream and does not have a huge volume of design, I was absolutely floored by these beaded boots that she created. They took over a year to make! I am definitely going to give her a follow to see what exciting designs she comes up with in the coming years.