Where to Get Inspiration From

I thought for my next post that I would continue on with some more advise for anyone looking to break into the fashion design world. One of the many questions I get asked is where you get inspiration from for your designs? Well, being that I am a shoe designer primarily, I think I will focus on that area first and foremost. With the age of the internet, it’s pretty easy to get inspiration for designers. I spend hours browsing Pinterest and similar sites and have come up with some cool designs thanks to things I’ve seen on here and other sites.

Keep in mind, I’m not talking totally about searching for images of shoes or other fashion things… Looking for photos of scenery and artwork are two of my go-to sources for inspiration. I know of many fashion designers who use art specifically as inspiration for their fashion designs. Seeing the way certain colors blend in with each other or getting ideas from different geometric shapes has really helped me come up with ideas for various designs.

Some of my favorite artists have to be Andy Warhol (who I am sure you know from some of his famous paintings) and a lesser known artist who has some amazing sculptures named Charming Baker.

My favorite art style to use for design inspiration has to be a more contemporary style, although I have also gotten into cubism quite a lot over the last few months. My recommendation though is not to just focus on one area or one style. Expand your mind and the ideas will naturally flow!