Mens and Women’s Shoes: The Differences in Design

I’ve had the opportunity to work for (and still do some freelancing) for some very big fashion brands. I’ve designed both womens shoes and mens shoes for a couple of the big players in each space (see if you can guess who… lol!). I’ve also contributed some freelance work for some smaller specialty companies for both men and women and there is obviously a major difference in coming up with design for womens shoes than there is for mens.

Where to Get Inspiration From

I thought for my next post that I would continue on with some more advise for anyone looking to break into the fashion design world. One of the many questions I get asked is where you get inspiration from for your designs? Well, being that I am a shoe designer primarily, I think I will focus on that area first and foremost. With the age of the internet, it’s pretty easy to get inspiration for designers. I spend hours browsing Pinterest and similar sites and have come up with some cool designs thanks to things I’ve seen on here and other sites.

What It Takes to Be a Fashion Designer

Being in the design industry for so long, I often get asked how one goes about getting into this career and what kind of qualities it takes to actually become a fashion designer. To me… Being a fashion designer is much like being an artist. In fact, I think fashion design in most ways really is an artform. One of the most important qualities that you have to have is to be both artistic and creative.

First Post!

Welcome! My name is Jane Osborn and I am just getting things started here with my brand new blog. I’ll be creating a more detailed “About Me” page sometime shortly, but wanted to make my first post here as a bit of an introduction about myself.